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Evolving Health Education, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit foundation, was previously known as Inner Worlds Foundation from 1989 through 2016, a name you might recognize. For over 30 years, we proudly network, promote and heal with some of today's most renowned professionals in the integrative, holistic and alternative world - to provide whole body health perspectives to the individuals of this amazing world we call home.

We updated our name and embraced new methods of delivering powerful transformative education through Free Introductions, New Webinar Courses, BookClubs, Powerpoint Presentations, Recorded Sessions and Live Presentations! We're excited about the future!

Following in the originated intentions, Evolving Health Education, intends to continue education through expanding options, providing more choices to make better life decisions through the conscious evolution of individuals seeking wholeness on all levels and the betterment of our Global World.
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Evolving Health Education provides education and instruction in the area of Holistic Health and Complementary Medicine, including but not limited to: Conceptual physics, quantum physics, the nature of Sound and Vibration, acupuncture, reflexology, brain health, energy medicine and sacred geometry, leading to a broader understanding about our medical cultures, choices and beliefs.
Our sister for-profit arm is a directory and events website, with archives and a library of integrative medicine, from ancient to present time, conventional and alternative therapies, indigenous plants and herbs, cutting edge medical technologies and spiritual practices. Our intent is to enhance the learning experience and boost curiosity and acceptance of these numerous resources available to us, through print, media, radio and website seminars and lectures, community events, retreats and travel.

We also cooperate with other medical hospitals, universities, and professionals to provide programs  whereby college students and professionals can earn college credits, awarded by the Foundation, towards a university degree or for continuing education credits, in the fields of: holistic health, conceptual and physical sciences.
Because of Health Care Costs: 

150 Million People Experience Financial
Catastrophe Each Year

100 Million People are Impoverished

Many U.S. Families are doubly traumatized, first by a patient's illness and then by the enomous medical bills
In the United States a workforce of almost one million skilled, licensed and trained complementary, alternative and integrative health and medicine practitioners are already reducing costs and improving patients' lives every day. These practitioners are bridging the gap, making major changes away from disease and prescription drugs towards a whole body wellness approach creating significant improvements.

Evidence Proven -
The Whole Body Wellness Approach Works!

• Integrative health creates better outcomes, especially for those who are chronically ill

• Low force, non-addictive, low cost care options

• Naturopathic care reduces heart disease at lower costs than prescription medications

• Effective low-risk treatments help patients avoid expensive complications associated with pharmaceutical pain and mood management

• Regular contact with at-risk patients reduces further decline into depression, lack of physical activity and other behaviors that increase severe health problems

• Chiropractic safely reduces patients' pain and health care costs

• Acupuncture is cost-effective for many pain conditions and improves cancer survival

• Integrative health care helps patients avoid expensive complications and adverse events by using holistic treatments and self-care recommendations

• CAM is widely covered by insurance

Integrative Health, What is it?
Integrative Health and Medicine offers a comprehensive prevention-based approach to effectively treat chronic disease and promote whole body health. Integrative Health and Medicine embraces a multi-disciplinary team of licensed health care providers working at the highest level of their scope of practice. This includes health practitioners such as naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nurse practitioners, nurses, midwives, nutritionists and massage therapists.